Saturday, May 25, 2019

Am I a Welder/Fabricator Yet?

Sparks Were Flying!

Another Cruiserhead was kind enough to travel several hundred miles with his welding kit to teach me how to replace panels! Amazing dude and we managed to get the fuel pan panel about 90% complete. I'll finish the rest this weekend and hopefully start on other troubled areas too.

Friday, May 10, 2019

More Goodies!


Orion is Almost Finished!

My friend Georg Esterer, owner of Valley Hybrids and Cruiser Brothers sent me a pic of my Orion almost complete.

No photo description available.

He reports that my axle assemblies are complete RCV shafts up front, mini truck outers with Aisin hubs, 4-wheel disc brakes, ARB lockers front and rear w/410 gears. My H41 transmission is also complete. All said and done my crawl ratio will be 82.2:1. Not bad when compared to stock ratio of 57.5:1. I should be able to creepy crawl up and down the trails at idle without any issue. I hope to bring all this kit home by 6/15.


Got Em!

Been waiting a while for these and upon initial inspection, well worth the wait. Can't wait to start assembly. 


  • 4" lift springs
  • "Expedition" dual coil packs - primary springs rated for unloaded top off weight, while secondary springs are rated for fully loaded/top on weight. This provides ideal ride and handling characteristics under either condition.
  • Center Pins pushed out (fwd in front/back in rear) 2" to increase wheelbase, improve approach/departure angle, and improve steering geometry.
  • Rear springs are four inches longer than stock to increase wheel travel and improve ride comfort.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

It's a Big Day at the Farson Garage!

The Engine is in the House... um... Garage!

My engine guy finally wrapped up my engine and I brought it home today! It isn't easy to find parts for and improve performance on a 60 year old tractor motor, but he did it! I can't wait to hear this thing start up.

I had the block and head painted to match the color going on the body and the valve cover and other bolt-on items will be powder coated ceramic matte black.

Here's the before and after on this engine...

Friday, February 22, 2019

Slowed My Roll!

I Just Said No

I decided I needed to wait on the media blasting of the frame. I am going to do the custom work first, then take it for media blasting. I did manage to get all the body panels stripped and ready for media blasting. I also got my first of many patch panels.

I guess original color was white. Bleh!

Gas tank floor pan patch panel.

Semi-shiny intake manifold. I had it coated in hi temp "Durashine" exhaust coating to match the header. The Throttle body got the same treatment, but isn't ready to come home quite yet.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Weeee're OFF to See the Media Blaster!

I love Stripping!

I managed to get the frame completely stripped and loaded all alone. Thank God for winches! Next stop: media blaster!

Got a call from Valley Hybrid with some bad news. My transmission and transfer case are toast. Someone swamped them and left the water inside, so the gears a rusted out. I'm brainstorming on a backup plan for those. The fun never stops!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Seat Swap!

My Butt's Too Big...

Yeah... I had to swap out the awesome Corbeau Baja RS suspension seats for a set of their awesome Sport Seats. The thigh bolsters were a little too aggressive and my big butt wasn't too comfortable. The good news is that that Sport Seat was cheaper so I was able to add seat heaters and the anti-submarine slot for future full harness upgrade. I think I'll get these same seats for my Beater Bronco someday.

Am I a Welder/Fabricator Yet?

Sparks Were Flying! Another Cruiserhead was kind enough to travel several hundred miles with his welding kit to teach me how to replace pan...